Tow Truck Scam (5/12/11)

Rob L writes:

Just got a visit from a guy (black guy, about 6’+, 30s wearing jeans, black t-shirt, and a white baseball cap) telling me my next door neighbors were in an accident, they went to the hospital, and that he was with the towing company and that he needed to drop their keys off to me.

He then tried to get me to give him $19 (the amount my neighbor was supposedly short for the towing).  I told him I’d give it to him when he drops off the keys (why does the tow truck driver need keys?).  He gave me some cockamamie story about how his boss won’t sign off on it until he gets the rest of the money.  Sure.

This whole conversation was had through my window.

Anyway, he said he’d be back and then he walked away.  I poke my head out my door to watch him walk down the street.  No tow truck in site (not that I really expected one).

I immediately called 911 and the cops will be coming out.  Not sure how much good that’ll do but it seemed like the prudent move when strange people come to your door trying to scam you at midnight.

Meanwhile my neighbors car is outside and there are lights on in their house.

Just a heads up.  Stay safe everyone.

[Police came and took a report]

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4 Responses to Tow Truck Scam (5/12/11)

  1. Adrionna says:

    Thank you so much for this post. A man rang our doorbell (a few blocks north of 40th and Market) at 2am telling my boyfriend THE EXACT SAME STORY (about his neighbor being in a crash, and we needed to pay $19 to pay the towing bill). I was immediately skeptical when my boyfriend returned and told me about this, and sure enough, when I searched for “tow truck scams?” here was your post. We called the cops as well and told them about it when they arrived-the guy even knew my boyfriend’s name (which means he’s using a more personal approach). It was indeed a scam, and the guy, unfortunately, did get away. Be alert!

  2. Ryan Gallagher says:

    Just got scammed by this same guy. I live in the Northeast. I fell for it. Neighbors just got home and told us there was no accident. I think he is being a little more elaborate. He knew names and information outsiders wouldn’t know and we just realized that some of our mail has gone missing.

  3. heather says:

    thank you for posting this – this just happened to me last night!!! same exact thing, 2012 – $19 etc. 40th and Spring Garden.

  4. Andrew says:

    So we just got hit by this too. I came home to my roommate explaining the whole situation. And it matches this exactly.

    So be on the lookout, he is back in the area. 311 closes at 8pm so they are of little help for these situations.

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