NoLibs Townwatch May 12, 2011 Meeting Minutes

Meeting Location: an outside table at the Piazza, for high visibility

In Attendance: Jessica O, Kat M, Amir T, Charlie R, Pablo Mateo

Patrols: 8pm to 10pm   Meet at NLNA Comm Ctr (N Third & Fairmount)
Please email for more info.

1) Walkie-Talkies: NEED Volunteers to monitor patrols from home.
Please email for more info.

2) Cameras:
a) Kat M will continue Call Out for Camera Contact info.
b) Amir T still researching bids to outfit  the NLNA Community Center with cameras.
–  There is $1,957 available for purchasing a system(s)
–  Amir T and Kat M to present plan to NLNA Board
•  The Goal is to be in a position to help neighbors purchase cameras of their
own by demonstrating how they work and what they cost.

c) Pablo M informed us that video footage can be used as evidence without any
signage that informs of filming in progress.

3) Business Liaison:
– Jessica O has written an introductory letter to businesses.
– Kat M has created Business Packet that contains Intro Letter, window posters, sticker.
– Charlie R, Kat M, Jessica O to present Business Packet at NLBOA Mixer on Wednesday,
May 25 at 7pm at PYT’s Back Room
– Kat M and Charlie R to liaise with businesses

4) Communications:
a) Members to hang flyers while patrolling
b) Pablo M dropped off 8 new TW signs. Need to find locations and hang them.
c) Jessica O to contact local real estate agents to find out:
1) if they provide “Welcome Packets” to new neighbors
2)if Townwatch info can be included
d) Kat M to design and upload “Crime” flier for neighbors to display at their homes.
e) All members need to chase down The Coordinators of email lists of apartment/condo
complexes to increase membership and spread awareness.
f) Kat M to post call out for this info.

5) DA Action Center (@ The Piazza)
a) Pablo M told us that the Center is staffed on Wednesday and Thursdays.
b) Members need to volunteer by filling out the application that is located on the website
( under RESOURCES).
c) Kat M to post “Call Outs” for volunteers once office is running (in September?).
d) Kat M interviewed by Monique Evans-Wescott on 3/10/11.

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