Wheel Locks: A Good Idea

On 6/24/11 Karmabum wrote:
I noticed a white BMW 335i in the parking lot next to Higher Grounds missing all four tires and rims. It was elevated by a jack on one side and a cinder block on the other. Is this something that is going on in the neighborhood? I noticed a crime post about some guys fleeing while trying to take tires and rims off a car on 4th Street around May 30. Anyone have any info?

On 6/25/11 Bingthecat wrote:
I was a victim this past weekend on my 2008 Honda accord. Thief only got away with one wheel, most likely got spooked before taking the other three. The car was left on the jack though. The officer that I filed a report with led me to believe they know who did this. I’ll follow up if I hear anything else. Btw, I didn’t move my car for many days, if that is an m.o. thieves look for.
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