Anyone is missing a blue vespa scooter?

John A wrote:
Around 1pm on 9/22/12 I saw a black male riding down Wildey on a Blue Vespa. I didn’t think anything of it until I noticed him a few minutes later loading it up into a white cargo van that was parked in the Uni-Pro parking lot. It was obviously driving fine, so I’m not sure why it needed to be put in a van.

I called the police and reported it, but wasn’t able to see the license plate. I had to be at a wedding so I wasn’t able to stick around. So unsure if the police checked it out.

But if anyone is missing a blue vespa scooter, Looks like it got grabbed by that guy.

Townwatch says: Register your scooters and bikes with your police district. Sometimes thy are recovered!
6th District: 215-686-3063 / 26th District: 215-686-3260

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  1. kat says:

    Thanks for reporting this.

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