Attempted break-in on the 1000 block of N Leithgow

A Neighbor writes:

Today, there was an attempted break-in on the 1000 block of N Leithgow. Surveillance video has been turned over the the police. Shortly after 10am, the suspect walked down the street and tried to open each door.

When no doors opened, he went to the gate leading to a neighbor’s backyard. He kicked in the gate, and then ran away. About five minutes later, he returned and slipped through the gate and behind the house. The neighbor was home and heard something in her backyard; she opened the door and confronted the intruder who was trying to steal a ladder. He dropped the ladder and ran. The police were called.

The suspect is described as an adult black male, approximately 6′ tall wearing a dark camo jacket, dark pants, and carrying a dark backpack.

This is just a reminder to all of our neighbors to keep their doors locked and keep an eye out for strange activity.

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