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There are a number of ways to keep up with Townwatch:

  • You can check this website at your convenience.
  • You can also find us on Facebook as NoLibs TownWatch. (You will need to request that we add you as a friend as the page is private with “friends only” security settings.)
  • You can become a member of our google groups Mailing List. This way you will receive email alerts regarding crime and Townwatch announcements.
  • Our email address for issues about the site:
  • We also have Monthly Meetings on the first Thursday of every month at the NLNA Community Center at 3rd and Fairmount Streets starting at 7pm. All neighbors are welcome.

Patrols are scheduled at the Monthly Meeting and posted here and on the Facebook Page. Neighbors are free to take part and need only to meet up at the NLNA Community Center at 3rd and Fairmount Sts. (Patrols are usually about two hours.)


We are always looking for more volunteers and expertise for ongoing projects. Please let us know if you are interested.  Currently we are working on the following:

Police and Law Enforcement Liaisons – Pete K. has volunteered to establish contact with the 26th Police District. In particular we would like to receive weekly emails similar to those that we already receive from Capt Korn of the 6th District.

Alec O. is working to track down the names and cases of recently arrested neighborhood offenders. We are hoping that the DA’s Outreach Center at the Piazza can be a big help in this effort. This office is supposed to open sometime in November Details to follow as soon as we get them.

Citywide Townwatch Liaison — We’d like to find out what projects have worked for other townwatch groups in the city. If you have any connections with these groups, or would like to attend one of their meetings on our behalf, please let us know.

CCTV Cameras — We have an extensive list of private cameras from all over the neighborhood. We would like to share relevant camera locations with police wherever crime has occurred. Volunteers needed.

We’d also like to identify high-crime areas that need camera surveillance. Ultimately, we would like to install donated cameras at these locations. Mike C. and Alec O. have taken the leads on this project, but we need neighborhood input and volunteer “homes”.

See the list of links on our resources page.

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  1. Chuck says:

    We recently moved to the neighborhood and while we like many things about it, the recent crime and vandalism is troubling. We would be interested in being a “volunteer home” for camera surveillance as we have had a few incidents in the darkened, dead-end space behind our home. I am interested in being involved and can be reached via email any time.


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